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This House Has A Mural Made Of Giant Needlepoint And It Is Incredible

Someone stumbled upon a house that had a special kind of mural decorating its side, and I wish I could go see it.

Jeffrey Goodling

I am a big fan of murals — my bestie and I took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina with our girls, and we just HAD to get pictures in front of all the murals.

It is totally amazing to me what some artists can do with a little paint and the blank side of a building — simply gorgeous!

But this house in the Philadelphia Naval Yard property is something different to behold altogether.

The Philadelphia Naval Yard is known for its cool architecture and public art, and they even offer tours of the area. It’s totally on my road trip bucket list!

Sometimes they have really special finds, that you will almost miss if you blink as you pass — but luckily there is a man that found something completely amazing, and he took pictures to share with us.

Jeffrey Goodling likes to drive around until something “catches [his] eye,” and then he will stop and admire his find.

Today I was driving along and saw this abandoned building with what I first thought was a mural. But as I passed it, it didn’t look like paint to me.

Jeffrey Goodling

When he pulled up to the house, he saw what looked like needlepoint on the side of the building structure.

Jeffrey Goodling

Upon closer inspection, he noticed that someone had used what looked like chicken wire and some kind of heavy-duty colored rope.

Jeffrey Goodling

They had actually done a giant needlepoint of sorts up the side of the abandoned house!

That must have taken FOREVER, but the results are simply stunning.

Jeffrey Goodling

I’ll tell you what — I’m going to keep my eyes a bit more open when I’m driving around! I would love to stumble across a cool find like this.