Here’s A New Look At Natalie Portman As Thor And I’m Crazy Excited

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Anytime I get to see new pictures of Thor — aka Chris Hemsworth — it’s a good day.

Well, today is a GREAT day, because we are getting a look at Thor’s new look for the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder.

Gah!! I can’t wait!!

Y’all this film was written and directed by Taika Waititi. He.Is.Hilarious!! Taika is the same dude who directed Thor: Ragnarok — perhaps my favorite movie ever.

If Thor: Love and Thunder is half as good as Thor: Ragnarok, we are in for an epic treat!!

In Thor: Love and Thunder, we get the return of Jane Foster — aka Natalie Portman.

Now, if you remember, there is a history between Thor and Jane. They briefly dated, before Jane dumped Thor — leaving fans devastated.

Breakups are tough, man — even for super heros.

So, when Jane walks back into Thor’s life, it just might get a bit — tricky.

Empire Magazine had a sit down with Taika Waititi, and he discussed the return of Jane into Thor’s life.

It’s been about eight years. — She’s had a whole other life, and then the love of your life comes back on the scene, and is now dressed like you. It’s a real mindfuck for Thor.

Taika Waititi

However it goes down, whatever feelings Thor has to work through, Jane is back.

And, y’all, she’s freaking badass!!

In the new picture, posted by Empire Magazine, we get our first look at Jane as Thor.

What? How is that even possible?

Empire Magazine

I don’t know. It’s a complicated part of the Marvel Universe. I’m hoping Thor: Love and Thunder does a good job at addressing the situation.

As you can see in this sneak peek picture, Jane is wielding Thor’s hammer — Mjolnir. Jane and Thor — or maybe Thor and Thor, I don’t know — are both looking hella buff and superhero-y.

Empire Magazine

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on July 8, 2022.


Can I go ahead and buy my tickets now? I’m talking about the very first showing. I’ll be there!!

For a look at the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, you can go HERE. I’m warning you — it will make you giddy.


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