Lush Just Announced They Are Shutting Down All Their Stores

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Looks like we will need somewhere new to stock up on our hair and body care products because LUSH Just Announced They Are Shutting Down All Their Stores.

The announcement just came via email where they said the following:

As we face the ever-changing circumstances related to Covid-19, we find ourselves having to make unprecedented decisions about business as usual. And the truth is that, in this moment, there is no business as usual. Amongst this uncertainly, we are focused on three things: getting our staff, communities and business through this crisis so that all emerge fit to face the future together.

I totally don’t disagree with anything they said. They continued…

Given what we know today, we believe it’s our duty as an ethical business to do what we can to slow the spread of this virus and minimize the impact on our hardworking healthcare professionals. As such, we have decided to temporarily close all 258 Lush retail stores across Canada and the US from March 16-29. Because our products are all made fresh by hand weekly for our shops, these closures will also require us to significantly scale down our manufacturing and distribution operations for the duration of the shop closures. We are working through how we can best support our employee base through these changes, ensuring regular pay for all staff during this period.

So, as of right now, all U.S. and Canada retail stores will be closed through the end of the month.

Although, we cannot shop in-store, we can still shop online while supplies last.

Honestly, good for THEM. I love that they are putting their employees and communities first.

You can read the full email announced from LUSH here.

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  1. You should do like like some other well known companies do and lrt people have on line parties using your products and them an item at a discount or a thank you gift in return. You could also offer a specialty price item for people that purchase from the party