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Make S’mores In A Bowl

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I love s’mores. I have made them about a billion different ways, but I think my favorite way of all to make them is in a bowl with Rice Krispies® ! The thing about S’mores in a bowl is that not only does it make a great snack, it makes a great breakfast as well. you can’t beat THAT!

rice krispies-0182

It’s pretty much the best way to have breakfast ever. EVER.

Here’s the thing, pretty much as soon as school starts, I run out of super fun ways to make breakfast quick– so this is one of my favorite “special day” breakfasts that doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make! Plus, it’s so easy your kids can help you make it.

What You Need To Make Rice Krispies S’mores In A Bowl:


  1. Rice Krispies
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Chocolate Bar
  4. Milk

How To Make Rice Krispies S’mores In A Bowl:

Pour the Rice Krispies into your bowl about halfway full.

Add a few mini marshmallows.
rice krispies-0173

Add three chunks from your chocolate bar.

rice krispies-0174-2

Pour in milk and enjoy!

rice krispies S'Mores


Mmm… this is so good that I wish I was eating it right now!

For more awesome Rice Krispies creations, check out their facebook, pinterest and twitter!

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  1. This great rice krispies. this krispies very delicious. I really love Krispies. i will try eaten everyday breakfast… .