Many Grocery Stores Are Offering Special Shopping Hours Just for The Elderly

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It’s truly amazing how wonderful it is to see the world come together and do great things to help others in need during a time of crisis.

During this time of a pandemic outbreak, it is especially important to ensure that the elderly are one of our top concerns.

The reason being, is because the elderly, along with other individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions, are more likely to become severely ill due to their age.

Due to the recent shortage of food and products at supermarkets, an Australian grocery store has taken the initiative to do something unique.

Woolworths, an Australian supermarket, has just announced that it will be dedicating one full hour to the elderly to allow them time to shop and purchase items.

Starting on March 17th, from 7AM and 8AM, will be exclusive only to the elderly and disabled.

Also beginning tomorrow, there will be purchase limits on multiple products to ensure products are being distributed evenly to customers. To check out which products have limits, you can click here.

“We’re launching a dedicated shopping hour in our stores to help the support the needs of the elderly and people with disability in the community. From tomorrow until at least Friday, we’ll be opening exclusively for them to shop from 7-8am, where permitted, said Director Claire Peters.”

Woolsworth has also just announced its partnership with Meals on Wheels in South Wales, Australia. They will be delivering and providing toilet paper directly to elderly communities.

Personally, I think Australia has hit the nail right on the head with giving out a helping hand to the elderly community.

Several stores in the U.S. have started to implement changes like this as well and that just makes my heart full.

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