Here’s When You’ll Be Able to View March’s Full Worm Moon

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As we look for spring in the small buds of greenery we find on the ground, make sure to look up at the sky while you’re looking down for this month’s full Moon!

March’s full moon which is also known as the full Worm Moon, will shine bright at night sooner than what you might think.

And as early as next week, the full Worm moon will appear especially large when it’s near the horizon but just keep in mind that it is just an illusion.

Now of course since we are in the month March, there’s no telling whether or not Mother Nature will allow for clear skies or not.

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Therefore, if there’s a slight misting when the full Worm Moon is high in the sky and you can’t locate the moon, you may able to capture what’s called a “moonbow”.

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Similarly like a solar rainbow, if you’re lucky enough to see one after a down pour, a moonbow is created from the moonlight when it refracts through the water droplets that are in the air.

It’s also good to keep in mind that moonbows are only created when the moon is low in the sky, so keep on the lookout for the perfect storm that might just create a moonbow!

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And considering March’s full moon is also the last full Moon of the winter season (hurray!), we can celebrate the fact that the spring season is nearly upon us!

You’ll be able to see the full Worm Moon on Tuesday, March 7 where it will reach peak illumination at 7:42 a.m. Eastern Time.

And you know what they, the early bird catches the worm so make sure to wake up early on Tuesday morning to see the outstanding view of the moon!

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