Marnie And Kal From ‘Halloweentown’ Are A Couple In Real Life And I Couldn’t Be More Excited

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Ever heard of Kimberly J. Brown? If not, I bet you know the movie she starred in as a little girl, Halloweentown!

Halloweentown, much like Hocus Pocus, is a classic Disney movie that should be watched every Halloween. No seriously, it should be a yearly routine!


If you haven’t had the opportunity of watching all four movies, I highly recommend so but we aren’t here to talk about ‘Halloweentown’ but instead, it’s all about Ms. Kimberly J. Brown!


How many of you knew the star of our childhood was dating her co-star from the second ‘Halloweentown’?


Well, from a recent post, the star posted a picture on social media with her boyfriend surrounded by large pumpkins; since the upload, fans are going nuts because we all had no clue she was dating none other than Kal, the son of the evil man in the first movie, Kalabar.


His real name is Daniel Kountz and the happy couple are just made to cherish the spooky holiday forever!


Now all we need is a fifth ‘Halloweentown’ movie, “Kalabar, Jr and Marnie Piper Save Halloweentown Forever”, or you know, something around those lines!


If the happy couple do end up becoming engaged, no jinx of course, I expect a Halloween themed wedding because as Marnie has famously said in her movies, “Halloween is cool.”


Although as of now, I’m just happy to see the two paired as a couple!


Happy almost Halloween!


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