There’s A Massive Pork Recall For More Than 2 Million Pounds of Food. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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This seems to be a never-ending problem right now!

The recall started out last week with 117 tons of pork being recalled, now the recall has extended to over 2 million pounds of pork and pepperoni products!

The affected products are from Alexander & Hornung, which is a part of Perdue Premium Meat company… they’re not sounding too premium at the moment though.

The 2,320,774 pounds of meat which consist of pork and pepperoni products is due to Listeria monocytogenes.


Pepperoni is something that I buy weekly for my family and all of these recalls are really stressing me out.

I thought the Coca-Cola recall was bad, but this is so much bigger than that.

So far there have not been any illnesses reported due to consuming the products, but how can we be sure?

The recalled products have been distributed nationwide.

You can identify the products by the establishment number “EST. M10125” which can be located inside the USDA mark of inspection


There are 27 different products on the list that have been recalled.

You can view the entire list of recalled products on the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) website here.

They also have all of the details listed such as the best-by dates and product codes. 

You can also view images of the product labels that are on the recall list.


If you have any of the products in your home you should return them for a refund or toss them now.

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