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Meet Sketch!

coloredavOkay, so in my mind… Sketch is so much cooler when she’s all cartoon character’d out. So I found this on the internet, played around to make it super sketch… and now I have her!

I love her!  It’s so perfect! I just think this is total Sketch McGee. I have been writing like a mad woman… well, for me anyway, and got on a roll last night. I love writing her scenes with Chase! I think they have fabulous chemistry, and that’s a difficult thing to pull off when you’re writing because you have to paint that picture on the page. I can’t wait to get a little further along in the story so I can share a chapter with you!


Saturday 18th of April 2009

I love her Jamie - too cute and I love the Sketch and Chase names - I'm already attached to these characters and I haven't even heard their story. Keep it up - I think the image helps a lot to help get attached to a character. It worked with me and Laney.

Have a good weekend. Kellan

Anna Serra i Vidal

Friday 17th of April 2009

Wow! I like her! And can't wait to read something more from Sketch. Will keep an eye on her (and your blog as well :)). Hugs