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Work in Progress Wednesday #3

9088 / 80000 words. 11% done!

Well,that isn’t too bad!  Despite the fact that I am apparently a crazy nutcase this week, I did actually get some writing done. Look at that!  It’s more than ten percent, so that makes me happy!  I really like where the story is going so far, too. I love my main character, and I think her angsty teenager super villain style is just too fun!

On a side note. I have been spelling villain as villian my entire life. But spell check recently picked up on it, and I am apparently spelling it the wrong way. I don’t usually spell things wrong, so this surprised me. (I didn’t say anything about typos… you see I am the typo Queen.) So there you have it–spellcheck says it’s VILLAIN. Yeah… that still looks wrong to me.

Crazy sauce.

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