Meghan Markle Telling This Reporter That She Isn’t Really Okay When It Comes To Being a New Mom Is So Important

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When I had my daughter, I experienced Postpartum Depression. Even my own doctor misdiagnosed me. It was one of my daughter’s doctors that ultimately realized what was going on and encouraged me to seek help.

There is still a stigma today around new moms not being the happiest, most joyful selves they can be. Women are still scared to speak out.

That’s why this news clip of Meghan Markle speaking to a reporter about how she’s “not okay” when it comes to all the press surrounding her baby and being a new mom is so important.

When she says, “Not many people have asked if I am okay,” I felt that.

I remember when my daughter’s doctor turned to me. I was hopelessly digging through a diaper bag, trying to find something I knew I had taken notes on. He stood up, put his arm on me and said, “But how you are doing?”

And I lost it. I didn’t even know I had anything to lose, but it was the first person who had acknowledged me like that since the birth. And her birth was a rough one.

An emergency C-section, extra time in the hospital for me to recover, me deciding out of nowhere not to return to my job I’d spent years in college, but to stay at home.

Sure, I know now just how much life changes when you have a kid, but I was so unprepared for that realization all those years ago.

Just looking at this mom, any mom who has been through this sees it instantly in her eyes, feels that camaraderie we know all too well. But to the rest of the world, they don’t even remember to ask.

So, if we learn anything from Meghan. From this interview. We need to remember to look at new moms as more than the vessel that just gave birth and to make sure they are okay.

Let’s do that. All of us.

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