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Amazon Is Selling A Mickey Christmas Village and It’s Pure Disney Magic

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I love everything Disney. In fact, I have a trip planned to Disney World next week — Woot Woot! Bring on Mickey Mouse!

One thing I can not WAIT for is the release of the new Department 56 Disney Christmas Village pieces ever year. I have quite the little Mickey Mouse Village going on. You would totally be jealous. *Winky Emoji*

Courtesy of Dept 56

Like with most Christmas Villages you know and love, there are buildings that light up, cute figurines, and plenty of snow. Like, you have to just see how cute all the Mickey’s Christmas Village pieces are!

Way up north, past the North Pole, is a place full of joy. A place where Christmas fills the air and holiday preparations never end. Mickey’s Christmas Village brings holiday magic to your home with intricate details and sparkling illumination.

Department 56

According to the Department 56 catalogue, Mickey’s Ears Factory is the new Disney Village light-up building this year, and — OMG — I have to get it!!

Courtesy of Amazon

Now, you can go to the Amazon website to get pieces for your Department 56 Disney Village.

Of course, each piece is going to totally vary in price. I mean, you can get anything from a light-up building to a Disney topiary tree. Seriously, you HAVE to get the topiary tree!

Courtesy of Amazon

Y’all, just take a look at the details on these Disney Pieces! Gah! Check out these Dept 56 Mickey Street Lights, the AMAZING Disney Christmas Tree (complete with Mickey Ears on the top), and this Three Mousketeers Figurine. OMG — SO CUTE!!

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

If you haven’t already started your Department 56 Mickey Mouse Disney Christmas Village, it isn’t too late to start. Just take the plunge. Start with one piece, and work your way up from there.


You will totally LOVE collecting the pieces, and displaying them every year. Of course, you may get totally sucked in — like me — and have to have them ALL. Ha!


Another Dept 56 Christmas Village that you have to go look at is this National Lampoon’s Christmas Village. It is so perfect!

Courtesy of Amazon

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