Mom Says Her Neighbor Uses His Ring Camera To Look In Their Backyard Windows

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This woman claims her neighbor uses his Ring camera to look into the windows of her house, and it’s giving me all the stalker vibes.

Samantha Richardson has taken to TikTok To help her find a way to stop her neighbor from peering into her home with the help of his Ring camera.

How is this allowed? 

Samantha Richardson

She says she has tried everything she can think of to block him from being a voyeur into their daily lives.

As you probably already know, Ring cameras are typically used to monitor your own property. People use them as doorbell cameras, to watch the front of their house — usually activity at their front door.

That’s not how Samantha’s neighbor chose to use his ring light. Nope, he went creepy with it.

Clearly, he is trying to see into our house.

Samantha Richardson
Samantha Richardson

In the original video, posted by user @livingrichardson, she tells us her neighbor installed his Ring camera at the very edge of his property, along his fence line. The awkward angle of the camera peers right into the windows of her house.

He has it angled that he can see into our entire backyard, into all of the windows, into our house – where our children sleep, our living room is and all three of our bathrooms.

Samantha Richardson

They tried putting up a lattice that would block his view into the home. It still allowed the dude to see down his fence line, but it blocked him from being able to see into their house.

However, they soon realized that he just moved the camera further down the fence and adjusted the angle so it still peers into the home.

It’s kinda gross and freaky enough that the dude can watch their nearly every move.

The Neighbor Could Be Watching The 11 Year Old Get Dressed

But, what makes it even worse is that Samantha has a young daughter who gets dressed in the rooms that he can see into.

We have an 11-year-old daughter, who does not look like an 11 year old, and she changes right in these windows where like our sunroom is that goes into our pool.

Samantha Richardson

They even had a sheriff come out to the house, hoping he could help the situation.

The sheriff agreed with the Richardsons that it was creepy, but said there was nothing he could do about the situation.

Samantha Richardson

He did try to go talk to the neighbor, telling him the family was uncomfortable with the placement of the camera.

The dude told the sheriff that he had the camera up to watch the basin. The basin happens to be on the other side of the Richardson property, and there is absolutely no reason he should have any business watching the basin.

Samantha Richardson

The only way we are going to be able to block his view into our house is if we build a bigger fence.

Samantha Richardson

There is a catch to that. They would have to get the city’s permission to build the fence, and the city doesn’t like to give permission for monstrous fences being built.

This Mom Is Begging TikTok For Suggestions On Her Peeping Neighbor

She is begging for any suggestions on how to get this guy to stop watching their lives through his camera.

Samantha Richardson

There is a high probability that we will now be going to court over the dispute.

Samantha Richardson

My first thought was, curtains. I’m not sure why this easy fix hasn’t been tried. Maybe they don’t like curtains. It’s their prerogative to have a house free of window coverings.

TikTok users have come up with all kinds of ideas. Everything from growing tall corn, to using a red laser that points directly into his camera, and even to putting up a sign in their front yard that lets everyone know what the neighbor is doing.

Samantha Richardson

This situation is just disgusting. I hope she gets some real help, either from the police or from the courts.

To see Samantha’s entire TikTok video about the situation, you can go HERE.

Samantha Richardson

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