Here’s A List Of Some Of The Most Popular Names For Dogs

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So, you have a new dog — hopefully a rescue that you got at your local shelter — but you just can’t think of a solid name for the little pup.

Maybe you want something whimsical and fun.

Perhaps you are into movies, and you want to honor your favorite flick by naming your new best friend after one of the characters.

Then again, it could be that you want a name that is tried, tested, and true.

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to the American Kennel Club, we have a list of the most popular names that people choose for their cuddly fur babies.

Unfortunately, There seems to be a surplus of dogs in shelters right now.

When the pandemic started, people were rescuing dogs like crazy.

They felt they needed that unconditional love in their lives during an otherwise horrendous time of uncertainty and loneliness.

At first, the shelters were running out of rescue pets.

A good problem to have, right?

Well, it didn’t last long.

People are now returning to work, school, and extracurricular activities, and they just don’t seem to have time for those pets that loved them so unconditionally.

So, all these doggos are being taken back into the shelters, and need good and loving families — perhaps like YOURS — to finally give them forever homes.

Maybe these dogs had names before, but that doesn’t stop you from making that pup your OWN, and giving it a name worthy of the bond you two now share.

Still need a suggestion for that perfect name?

Check out some of these popular names for boy puppies.

Then, of course there are the popular names for the female doggos.

Now, nobody is here to judge how or what you name your new pup.

You really could use the names off of EITHER list for females or males dogs.

These are merely suggestions of some of the most popular pet names.

My family went with the name “Kylo” for our pup — from Star Wars — but there are TONS of other great suggestions on the lists for you to check out.

You can try any or all of them out, and see what seems to fit with your new furry friend.

What dog name is your favorite?

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