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Netflix Has Just Confirmed Season 3 Of ‘You’ Is Coming This Year

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After long filming days, roadblocks and delays, You season 3 finally has a release date that should make You fans jump for joy.

Courtesy of Netflix

Since we last saw Joe Goldberg, Joe and Love were moving in together and right before the season finale ends, Joe becomes fixated on another woman next door named Natalie.

Courtesy of Netflix

Production for season 3 of You began in February of 2020 and then unfortunately was suspended due to the pandemic.

However, things picked back up and the cast and crew began filming again in November of 2020.

Courtesy of @younetflix

Since then, fans of the hit show have been waiting patiently to see what comes next for the on and off couple who are also pregnant with their first child.

Courtesy of @younetflix

Netflix has confirmed that You season 3 will be released in Q4 this year, around the same time Cobra Kai and The Witcher will launch which will be at the end 2020.

Courtesy of @younetflix

According to Netflix Co-CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, You season 3 will come back to Netflix in either October, November or December!

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