Oreo Cookie Crumbles Are Here to Make All Our Baking Dreams Come True

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How many times have you had to pull out the rolling pin and beat the cookies to pieces for a recipe?

Oreo cookies make such a great part of so many yummy desserts. Now you don’t have to beat them for preparing the treats because Oreo Cookie Crumbles are here!

Nabisco Oreo Cookie Crumbles have been spotted on the store shelves and not going to lie, I totally want to get some asap.


Oh my, hot chocolate with whip cream and Oreo cookie crumbs on top. Yes please!


The crumbles are made up of the cookie part of the Oreo.


This means that the chocolate cocoa cookie will taste the same as the cookies you know are in that Oreo cookie bag!


Now you might want to use the regular Oreo cookies and scoop the middle out and then put the chocolate cookie part in the bag and beat them. I mean there is that beautiful cream in between that is always a treat.


Keep the cookies in the cookie jar so you can have them for your cookies and milk and use the crumbles to sprinkle all over your ice cream!

Of course, spring is coming, and we will need to prepare the gummy worm desert at some time. It’s going to me so much easier with the Oreo sprinkles already prepared.


It seems like these are slowly making their way into stores so keep your eyes peeled.


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