Parents Are Asking For Experiences, Not Toys For Their Kids Gifts

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The genius moms at Natural Parenting Mommas have come up with an awesome gift-giving idea to beat kids at their own “I’m Bored” game.

Via Natural Parenting Mommas/Facebook

I absolutely love Christmas. I love buying my kids presents I think they will love, and I REALLY enjoy watching them play with those gifts — for a week if I’m lucky.

It never fails. I spend half-a-year’s pay on my kids for Christmas, and they are almost immediately bored with what I get them.

Nothing grates on my nerves more than hearing, “I’m bored” a week after Christmas, when I know there are 2 rooms full of new gifts.

Bring on the Moms from Natural Parenting Mommas on Facebook!! I think I love them.

Instead of giving material gifts — like toys, games, and books — they advocate giving “experiences.”

By that, they mean give the gift of activities kids can do.

They suggest things like vouchers for sports classes in the spring, the promise of movie time with the family, and even maybe attending a painting class with a friend.

Basically, it’s all about EXPERIENCES and not things this Christmas, and I’m in love with this idea!

Not only do I love this idea, but I think my kids will go crazy for it!! They love the excitement of going to do special things. They can plan and look forward to the fun, and it gives them more feels than a toy ever could!

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