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Here’s All The Adorable Pictures of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Wedding

Ahhh did you hear the news? Gwen and Blake are officially husband and wife!!

I am seriously so happy for them and they are the cutest couple!

I’ve been waiting to see photos of their wedding since the news broke that they secretly got married this past weekend and they are finally here!

Jeremy Bustos

Now, you might be wondering what they wore to get married and it’s exactly what you might have expected…

Gwen wore a custom lily white Vera Wang Haute silk georgette gown with white cowboy boots to top off the look.

gwen stefani/instagram

Blake wore a black tuxedo jacket over a white shirt, black vest, and light bow tie. But for pants, Shelton opted for some classic blue jeans. Both that country chic style.

Gwen looked stunning if you ask me…

Jeremy Bustos

Gwen posted on Instagram with the caption:

“July 3rd 2021 ❤️gx”

That confirms they were married July 3, 2021 and guess who officiated their wedding? Carson Daly, host of The Voice!

Gwen continued to share some sweet wedding moments with the world…

Jeremy Bustos

Seriously, I am so happy for these two!!

Jeremy Bustos

Congrats Blake and Gwen. You both deserve all the happiness!

Jeremy Bustos

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