Pillsbury Funfetti Valentine’s Day Cake Mix And Frosting Are Here To Help You Bake Your Heart Out

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Valentine’s Day can be stressful when it comes down to the cooking preparations; whether you’re having a four course meal or simply a nice dinner and dessert, if you want less stress on hearts day, consider letting Pillsbury take over in the kitchen.

Courtesy of Target

Pillsbury’s cake mix box lets you take complete dessert with just 3 ingredients and just 3 steps, if turning on the oven even counts as a step.


Introducing Funfetti Valentine’s Day cake mix by Pillsbury.

Courtesy of Target

Your partner’s dress or suit and tie won’t be the only drool worthy detail in the room because this cake mix comes with red candy bites in the batter for an extra sweet taste.

Courtesy of Target

Not to mention, your cake or cupcakes are not complete without the matching vanilla flavored pink frosting also made by Pillsbury that comes with red and white Funfetti sprinkles and tiny heart jimmies.

Courtesy of Target

Your partner will be thanking you for this delectably delicious and sugary sweet treat for dessert!

Courtesy of Target

You can currently get the Funfetti cake mix at Target for $1.49 and the Funfetti frosting also at Target for the same price!


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