This Nutritionist Says Pizza Is Better Than Cereal For Breakfast and I Can Get On Board With That

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I have eaten pizza for breakfast pretty much my whole life! Personally, I feel it keeps me going longer than other quick breakfast foods such as cereal.

Turns out I’m right! There are nutritionists that agree that the choice to have pizza instead of cereal for breakfast is better.

A nutritionist said that most cereals contain a high amount of sugar, and we know this is true. Sure, there are cereals that do not contain high amounts of sugar, but most of us choose the wrong ones.

I’m hypoglycemic, so if I eat something like cereal or say a donut… I’m going to crash hard!

According to what Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, CDN told “The Daily Meal“, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding a sugar crash later on. From experience, I can 100% vouch for that.

Pizza has more protein, which will keep your hunger at bay longer. It will also keep your energy up without the crash that a high-sugar food can cause.

More protein also means less snacking! When I order pizza it usually contains pretty much something from all of the food groups!

So go ahead and eat the pizza! I love leftover pizza and you can bet that I am grabbing myself a slice the next morning!

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