You Can Get A Pool Float For Your Dog That Is Claw-Proof and It Is Genius

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As a dog owner, it’s inevitable that sooner or later your beloved pooch will puncture the new squeaky toy you bought last week or the wooden chair in the kitchen.

Unlike the wooden chair that has unfortunately suffered the fate of your dog’s claws, this inflatable pool float currently selling on Amazon is invincible to the sharp nails!

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Whether you have a dog that loves getting its hair wet or simply a pooch that likes to dip a paw, this inflatable pool toy is especially designed to keep your dogs afloat and the material intact!

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The ingenious Paddle Paws dog raft from SwimWays is made out of heavy-duty and puncture-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about any snags or rips!

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The larger size float accommodates for dogs who are 65 pounds and up, while the smaller version supports petite pups because not all dogs are created equal!

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Your four legged friend can enjoy the cooling water from the pool from each side of the mesh bed that allows some of the blue water to permeate the float.

Not to mention, there’s also plenty of space for your pup to stretch out, stash toys or eat treats.

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Spending time over at the neighbors for a doggy play date by the pool?

Good news! This pool float for dogs folds into three compact circles with a reusable carry-on bag for easy portability and storage!

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You can currently get the claw-free dog raft for $50 on Amazon in a large or just about $40 for a small!

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