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This Lady’s Pre-Pandemic Tattoo Might Just Win The Award For The Worst Tattoo Ever

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Oh so many of us have been there.

You get a tattoo that you think you are going to love, but you soon end up being full of regret.

There was a trend going around TikTok that dealt with that VERY thing.

It asked people to answer the question, “What is your dumbest Tattoo?”

Courtesy of @wakaflockafloccar

Oh, sure, lots of people participated in this TikTok trend, but ONE lady wins the prize for Most Regrettable Tattoo!!

Leah Holland is from Kentucky, but that has nothing to do with her unfortunate tattoo.

Courtesy of @wakaflockafloccar

See, she had been thinking about, pondering, and wanting a certain tattoo for 2 years.

One of her good friends had made a quote about her being unapologetically real, and she liked it so much that she decided to get it permanently tattooed on her body.

Courtesy of @wakaflockafloccar

So, she went to the tattoo studio, and bravely sat down to get the tattoo placed on her forearm (Ouch!).

This was on March 4, 2020 — just days before the world shut down.

In fact, it was 2 days before Kentucky reported their first case of COVID-19.

Courtesy of @wakaflockafloccar

What did her tattoo of regret say?

Courageously and Radically Refuse to Wear a Mask

Leah Holland‘s Unfortunate Tattoo
Courtesy of @wakaflockafloccar

Poor thing got a tattoo that was supposed to be cool, self affirming, and empowering — but in just a couple day’s time, it developed a COMPLETELY different meaning.

Now, the first thing you think when you see this tattoo isn’t “being true to yourself,” but instead she just looks like a staunch anti-masker.

At least she can laugh about it now. LOL!!

I could NOT have had worse timing — I’m not anti mask I promise.

Leah Holland via TikTok
Courtesy of @wakaflockafloccar

See Leah’s full TikTok tattoo regret video HERE.

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