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People Are Stuffing White Pumpkins Inside of Orange Pumpkins and Carving Them Into Eyes For Halloween

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There are many ways to carve a pumpkin.

Whether you prefer a more villainous look or a cute smile, pumpkin carving is a must do during the October month.

To mix things up, people on social media are carving a different type of pumpkin this year, something around the lines of Walt Disney’s Mike Wazowski character?

Courtesy of @stefiecurry

That’s right, pumpkin carvers are stuffing small white pumpkins inside of larger orange pumpkins and painting a big eyeball right in the center of the white pumpkin!

Courtesy of @manbearslothy

The finished look resembles a cousin of the two-legged and one-eyed green monster found in Monster’s Inc.

Courtesy of @lostkittyka

The white pumpkin serves as the outer white parts of the human eye while the orange pumpkin is made for the shape.

While some have painted eyeballs with distressed blood vessels and others who went for more of a subtle look, this new way of carving is certainly creepy.

Courtesy of @zozie_posie_

Besides, these eyeball pumpkins also serve the purpose of keeping an eye out on your house for mischief night.

Courtesy of @zozie_posie_

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