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These Pumpkin Spice Gummy Bears Are The Perfect Fall Treat

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We are full-steam-ahead into Pumpkin Spice Season, and I’m in PS Heaven. Bring on ALL THINGS Pumpkin Spice!

Courtesy of VineGelee on Etsy

You know what my favorite candy is? Gummies! Particularly Gummy Bears. They are so full of squishy flavor, and I can’t help but smile when I eat them.

Guess what I found right on the Etsy website. Pumpkin Spice Gummy Bears!! Yes, I’m serious.

Courtesy of VineGelee on Etsy

You thought I was crazy for bringing you Pumpkin Spice Cotton Candy, but now I’m totally telling you about Gummy Bears in the same tasty fall flavor.

Courtesy of Etsy

THESE Gummy Bears are handmade, and have absolutely no preservatives, unlike the kind you buy at the convenience store on a whim.

Or, if you are like me, you buy them by the bag full at Walmart!!

A fun fall treat for Gummy Bear lovers. Warm spices, make this gummy a taste treat. All the gummy’s are made with a splash of love.

VineGelee on Etsy
Courtesy of VineGelee on Etsy

You can choose to get these tasty Pumpkin Spice Gummy Bears in 2 package sizes. The 8 ounce size, that’s about 17 buck, and the 16 ounce size that’s about $31.

You know my feelings on the matter: “Go big or go home!”

Courtesy of VineGelee on Etsy

These Gummy Bears do not contain wax, like some of their competitors, so if you live in a hotter climate, they may melt in transit.

Don’t worry, however. They do offer premium shipping, that will include an ice pack that will keep the Bears nice and cool while they travel.

Courtesy of VineGelee on Etsy

IF YOU LIVE SOMEWHERE HOT, may we suggest messaging us and selecting our “premium shipping” to ensure your bears don’t melt in the postal truck or in your mailbox (these premium packs come with a gel ice pack foil bubble wrap, and a special foam container).

VineGelee on Etsy
Courtesy of VineGelee on Etsy

Get yourself to Etsy and get yourself some Pumpkin Spice Gummy Bears. It’s almost mandatory, since it’s Pumpkin Spice Season! Ha! (While you’re at it, try one of these Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccinos from Starbucks!)

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