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This Guy Built A Robot To Pass Out Candy Safely To Kids On Halloween and Now I Want One

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Operation save Halloween is still underway and another genius idea to hand out candy to kids is here to save the night.

Halloween is weeks away but that hasn’t stopped the flow of creative ideas that many parents have thought of to give the kids what they want most, and that’s candy!

Luke Keyes, a software engineer and his wife, have created a haunted science lab in their garage consecutively throughout the years on Halloween and due to COVID-19, plans have changed but they are not cancelled!

Courtesy of Luke Keyes

In order to save Halloween night in the neighborhood, Mr. Keyes has been building a robot over the years and came to the conclusion that his robot, may be the solution in saving Halloween this year.

The 6 foot tall robot named Arty hopes to hand deliver goodie bags filled with Halloween candy and toys to kids in the neighborhood, sort of like a “reverse trick-or-treating where we just drive Arty around said Keyes.”

Courtesy of Luke Keyes

Of course this will all be done while wearing gloves, with masks and socially distancing and apparently, Mr. Keyes is a huge chocolate fan which, who could blame him; so it looks like Arty will be handing out all things chocolate this year!

Courtesy of Luke Keyes

Does anybody else think that Arty is Wall-E’s long lost brother?? Wall-E helps saves planet Earth and Arty saves Halloween night, now that’s no coincidence!

Courtesy of Luke Keyes

He even created a candy canon that shoots candy over 6 feet away. First a robot, now a candy canon, seriously, how cool is this guy; he’s a Halloween mastermind.

I’m totally curious on what he’ll be making next because I have a feeling Mr. Keyes isn’t halting production until he knows for sure that all kids get their candy this year.

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