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Here Is What You Should Wear To Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

While writing is my passion, I am also a Registered Nurse.

I have given about eleventeen thousand shots, and I have some advice for all you lucky souls who are going to get your COVID vaccines.

Actually, this is good advice for getting ANY vaccine, so listen up.

Think About What You Are Wearing To Get Your Vaccine

I know you want to look super cute in your vaccine selfies — the ones you are inevitably going to post on social media — but you can still look cute whilst dressing appropriately to get that vaccination.

Now, I’m not talking about those shots you get in your backside. There isn’t really a way to dress appropriately when it comes to shots in the butt.

I’m talking about those vaccines you get in the muscular part of your upper arm — like is happening with the COVID shots.

See, to give you a vaccine in your upper arm, we have to have access to your upper arm.

That means, it makes it WAY easier for us to modestly give you a shot in your arm if you are wearing short sleeves.

I guess “short sleeves” isn’t exactly the words I need. Any clothing that gives the RN access to your upper arm is good.

Think cold shoulder shirts, billowy arm shirts, most short sleeved shirts, or tank tops (I realize it’s the middle of winter).

While turtlenecks, long-sleeved button-up shirts, or sweaters might LOOK cute, you will have to get half naked to receive the vaccine.

We really don’t want to needlessly expose you to the entire room if we don’t have to.

One idea is to dress in layers — maybe a short sleeve shirt, under a button-up shirt, under a jacket or coat that you might want to throw on top.

That way, you can strip down to the short-sleeve shirt — the one you can keep on for your shot — without flashing the entire room.

Now, I realize that sometimes when you get a shot you are in a private room with just you and a nurse.

Still — the nurse doesn’t want the uncomfortable situation where she has to watch you get half naked.

Don’t Forget To Dress Warm

Sometimes you will have to wait in a line outside in order to get your vaccine.

It is the middle of winter, people. I don’t want you to freeze. *Smile Emoji*

Please dress in those layers, and wear a jacket over your vaccine-appropriate top.

Wear a Mask

Now, don’t get so excited about getting vaccinated that you forget to leave the house without your mask.

While you are waiting for that nice immunity to hit, you can still get and carry the corona.

You still need to wear that mask.

Most of all — CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to get the vaccine!! I appreciate you doing your part when it comes to the world reaching herd immunity.

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