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Pop-Tarts Is Releasing A Snickerdoodle Flavor And I Can’t Wait

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Pop-Tarts are something that I enjoy as a snack quite often.

They’re great for on-the-go days when I need something fast that I can take with me.

I love all of the new bakery-inspired flavors they’ve been releasing and this new one sounds amazing!

If you love Snickerdoodles, then you will want to try the new Pop-Tart flavor when it comes out.

The Snickerdoodles Pop-Tarts is supposed to taste just like a snickerdoodle cookie and I am totally here for it!

We know our fans love a ‘dessert for breakfast’ moment, so Pop-Tarts continues to deliver crazy-good flavors that capitalize on this trend with our pie, donut ,and cake-themed lineups already on shelves. This spring, we’ll complete the cookie trifecta with this delicious new Snickerdoodle flavor. Besides, who needs a cookie jar when you’ve got a toaster and a box of Pop-Tarts?

Senior Brand Manager David Greci said in a press release

These Snickerdoodles Pop-Tarts will take our favorite toaster pastry up by about 10 more notches with snickerdoodle flavored filling and a crunchy cinnamon and sugar topping.

I’m craving it already, however it will be May before we can give them a taste test… but I will be ready!

The Snickerdoodles Pop-Tarts will be available in 8-count boxes for about $3.19 at grocery stores nationwide once they release.

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