Sprite Is Releasing a Strawberry Lymonade Soda to Sip on During the Heat of the Summer

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They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but they’re wrong.

Rather when life hands you lemons, you make strawberry lemonade instead.

Combining the sweetness of a strawberry and the sour punch from a lemons has been a tradition for decades of summers.

Besides, what’s better to tackle the summer heat other than a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade and chunks of sliced strawberries filled to the brim.

With that being said, Sprite is releasing a soda that will not only tickle your tastebuds from the carbonation but inspired by the drink of the summer with an added twist.

Enter, the Sprite Strawberry Lymonade

Courtesy of @snackolator

What’s not your typical lemonade, Sprite has added a “y” on their “lymonade” bottles if you take a closer look on the logo and why is that?

Our prediction, is that Sprite’s twist on the classic lemonade includes hints of lime similarly like their other line of lemon-lime soda cans dubbed “Sprite Lymonade”.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Fans of the soda giant can expect a strawberry flavoring combined with the original Sprite Lymonade taste that we’re all already familiar with.

Asking for a hint of lime in your lemonade might just become the next big thing.

Courtesy of Sprite

And if you’ve become parched just by reading this article, you’re not the only one.

Although you will have to settle for just the regular old Sprite currently because this limited-edition flavor has not yet been released.

Courtesy of Sprite

However, we can expect the new Strawberry Lymonade Soda to be stocked on retail store shelves as soon as the summer season, but that’s as far into the details as we know.

We wish we had an exact date for you, but when the heat of the season begins, keep your eyes peeled for the refreshing drink.

Courtesy of @snackolator

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