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Starbucks Just Released a New Cold Brew for the New Year and I Can’t Wait to Try It

New year, new brew!

Courtesy of Starbucks

This may sound nutty, but Starbucks has already released a new drink into the new year and it’s currently only day four of 2023, although least to say, we’re grateful for the new sip.

Courtesy of @juhkwee

A new cold brew that will surly wake you up while commuting to work after the long holiday break, this caffeinated boost is exactly what you need come morning.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Dubbed the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew, this new roast is for anyone who prefers a nutty taste in their coffee order or who wants to try a new flavor aside from their regular go-to.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

You can expect the new cold brew to be sweetened with vanilla syrup, topped with a pistachio cream cold foam, and tossed with salted, brown-buttery sprinkles to complete the sweet sip.

Is it time for a coffee break yet? I think so!

And let’s not forget about the returning Pistachio Latte if you prefer a drink on the warmer side rather than with ice.

The new Pistachio Cream Cold Brew is out now and available to order at Starbucks’ chains nationwide!

Courtesy of @bnunionnj