Starbucks Released Reusable Christmas Cups and I Need Them Now

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‘Tis the season for new holiday cups from Starbucks.

A few months back we saw a teaser of their 2019 Holiday Cup Collection but it seems that wasn’t all we can expect. People are now finding Reusable Christmas Cups and I Need Them Now!

Credit: Trena Lopez Wilhelmsen‎

The rumor has been that the 2019 Starbucks Holiday Cup Collection and their holiday drinks will be releasing on November 7, 2019.

However, people are already finding these cups in-store. One person posted in the Secret Starbucks Facebook Group saying they found the cups in their local Target Starbucks store.

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The reusable Christmas cups come in a 5-pack with 5 cups, lids and straws in the festive colors and Christmas sayings on the cups.

Credit: eBay

In the past, like with the Halloween Cups, they sold for $24.99 so I bet these will be right around the same price.

Credit: eBay

Now that it is November, you’ll want to keep an eye out at your local Starbucks.

Credit: eBay

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