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Get Started in the Knitting Craze – How to Cast On, the Easiest Way!

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Get into the knitting craze and take your first steps with casting on. This is the first part to any project, and can also be very difficult to learn for some people. Here is a modified and much easier way to do it!


1. Take about 10-12 inches from your yarn ball and form it into a loop with a 6 inch tail on the side.



2. Take the tail end of the yarn and form a loop by placing it on top of the first loop and threading it to the side.


3. Pull the tail end gently, until it looks like this:


4. Pick up the yarn by the inside of the loop.


5. Pull it through, forming a small, loose knot.


6. Get your knitting needle and put it in the loop.


7. Pull the knot up to the needle.


8. Take the non-tail end (the end connected to your yarn ball) and drape it over your left hand.


9. Remove your hand gently, there will be a loop formed by this.


10. Pull the non-tail end, and ta-dah, you’ve casted on your first stitch!


11. Continue to do steps 8-10 for however many stitches your knitting project needs.


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