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The ‘Stranger Things 4’ Trigger Warning is Something Everyone Needs to Be Aware of

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Stranger Things 4 is officially streaming on Netflix, but before you go and watch it, there is a trigger warning you should be aware of.


Volume 1 (the first 7 episodes) of Stranger Things 4 is currently streaming on Netflix and if you haven’t seen it yet, I am about to give some spoilers for the first episode.


Keep in mind, this is meant to be a trigger warning in light of this past week’s tragic events in Uvalde, Texas.

The Stranger Things 4 Trigger Warning

While Stranger Things 4 was in production and filmed over a year ago, Netflix decided that given what happens in the first episode, they needed to add a disclaimer prior to viewers watching the episode.


Honestly, after seeing the episode myself, I can see why.

The episode is titled: Chapter One: The Hellfire Club. The episode itself even has a small disclaimer before you click on the episode to play it.

“Warning: Contains graphic violence involving children.”


Prior to viewing this episode, Netflix also has a disclaimer pop up on a black screen with white text that reads:

“We filmed this season of ‘Stranger Things’ a year ago. But given the recent tragic shooting at a school in Texas, viewers may find the opening scene of episode 1 distressing. We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one.”



In the first episode, it does a flashback to Dr. Brenner in 1979 and his experiments happening with gifted children in the rainbow room.


While Dr. Brenner is experimenting on one child and having him find people using his mind, the boy starts to see a tragic event unfold.

Long story short, nearly everyone in that facility dies except for Eleven and Dr. Brenner. Children included.


The show does show blood, children lying lifeless, etc.

The scene of that ends with Eleven covered in blood almost hinting at it being her (although we don’t actually know it’s her that did it).


Again, I am sharing this because this past week has been really hard on everyone (myself included) and had I known what I was actually going to see, I maybe would have skipped that part or better braced myself for it.

So, please keep this in mind if you are planning to watch Stranger Things Season 4.

If you’re wanting to skip that part, skip to Season 4 Episode 1 at the 8:50 mark.

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