You Can Swim With Otters At A Preserve In Louisiana And I’m On My Way Now

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You may have to sit down for this. There is a place in Louisiana that lets you SWIM WITH OTTERS!

Courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve

This is one item that can actually be checked off the Bucket List. TINY LITTLE OTTERS! Gah!

Barn Hill Preserve, in Louisiana, offers a unique Encounter Tour that includes swimming with these little boogers.

Courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve

Otter Swim Tours are 3 hours long and include a guided tour around the facility, up close interactions with our animal ambassadors, and the chance to swim with our Asian small-clawed otters! This tour is a truly unique experience found nowhere else in Louisiana.

Barn Hill Preserve
Courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve

The three-hour event includes 35 minutes of otter time, as well as a close-up visit with some of the preserve’s ambassadors.


You get to see animals like a Lynx, a Joey Kangaroo, a Sloth (OMG!), a Hedgehog, and the CUTEST Silkie Chicken EVER!

Courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve Ambassadors

You will also get to tour the seven-acre facility. Bring tennis shoes — this is a WALKING tour.

It is important to note that Barn Hill Preserve does NOT have concessions (FOOD), you will want to bring a lunch and snacks for your three-hour event!


Most importantly, DON’T FORGET all your swimming attire! The BEST part is the otter swim!


The otter swim and tour costs $154 per person, and they can just take all my money now! My family WILL be planning a road trip to this amazing preserve!


Spaces are limited, and you must make a reservation to swim with the otters. You may do so at their website HERE.

Courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve

Want to take a Road Trip to this preserve? Here is a FREE Printable Checklist For Your Road Trip!

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