The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pants Pocket

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Kids will be kids and boys will be boys, right? I keep telling myself that because I swear every day there is something new and exciting that my boys bring to my attention. Just last week, I had the joy of dealing with melted crayons in the washer. Yup, an entire rainbow of colors all over our dark clothes. When I asked my 6-year-old son about it, he immediately knew he had forgotten to remove a handful of crayons from his pockets. Oh, boy!

So The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pants Pocket made me realize 2 things: First, I need to check all pockets prior to washing and second, I need to memorize how to remove crayons from everything. Crayons are everywhere and my kiddos love to draw on all sorts of things so I better be prepared!

The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pants Pocket

I know that my son didn’t intentionally leave a handful of crayons in his pant pockets but sometimes I wonder if it’s his way of keeping me on my toes. Either way, I had to scramble to get the crayons removed because that load of clothes not only included just about every pair of undies we own, but also had my husband’s work shirts in it. Pretty sure his boss wouldn’t want him wearing a shirt that looks like a rainbow threw up on it.The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pants Pocket5

So here I am, scrubbing away with an old tooth brush. I sprayed with some stain remover, picked off the small pieces of crayon with my nails, and yet I still couldn’t remove it all.

I was so afraid the clothes would dry and it would make it all a lot worse so I raced to the store. I looked for a detergent that just screamed “crayon remover”. No, it wasn’t advertised as such, I just had a feeling. I came across a sign that advertised the newest Tide product called Tide purclean™. I snagged a bottle and ran home to rewash the poor clothes.The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pants Pocket2

Luckily, with my elbow grease, soaking the clothes in warm water and the cleaning power of Tide purclean™, my clothes were saved! They also smelled great and I totally used a detergent I could be proud to share. The Tide purclean™ formula is made with 100% renewable wind power electricity. The product is also made at a zero manufacturing waste to landfill site and it’s made in a 100% recyclable bottle.Tide purclean™ is a greener alternative that’s better for the environment as it is also the 1st bio-based detergent!The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pants Pocket3

Sounds fab, right?

Believe me, there will come a time you wished you had a powerful cleaning detergent by your side. It may just be a time when your kids want to see what the clothes will look like with a little more color. HA!The Day My Son Left Crayons In His Pant Pockets Featured

Want to find out more about Tide purclean™? You can visit the Tide purclean™ website and connect with them on Facebook.

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