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‘The Impossible’ Is On Netflix Now And Was Harder To Watch The Second Time Through

The Netflix Top Ten has become a sort of home for me. I’ve started watching what’s trending in the world, mainly out of sheer curiosity.

So I was a bit confused when I saw the movie, “The Impossible” show up. This is a movie from 2012! It was in the tenth spot when I noticed it, but then shot up to the number two spot on Netflix. An eight year old movie in the #2 spot?!

My first thought was maybe it was because Tom Holland was in it. I’m not really sure. But I remember watching this movie when it first came out and didn’t remember any real love or feelings for it. So of course I had to watch it again to see why it was trending so hard.

Now that I am 8 years older, wiser, and have children of my own, this movie WRECKED me. This is based off of a true story with real events that happened. It’s based around the tsunami that hit Thailand and took the lives of 230,000 people.

Maybe I was so naïve back then, that I didn’t understand how this ACTUALLY happened. But watching it now just twisted my stomach and made my soul hurt for all of those people.

I have two toddlers myself and I can’t even fathom what it would be like to endure such a thing. Or to lose them. I am telling you, I bawled in the fetal position. How this didn’t affect me when I first watched this years ago, I’ll never know.

I would definitely recommend watching this as an eye opener. This is a real life event that happened and the family in the movie is based off of a real family that went through it. Just make sure you are prepared, because it will make you feel. And if it doesn’t, try again when you’re a parent.