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The Scariest Place on Earth…

gymSo, I’ve tried to go to the gym before–but I felt like everyone was just staring at me. Wondering who I thought I was among all those fit people. But, today Kelli Calabrese met me and laid out a little workout plan for me. Bringing someone who knows what they’re doing to the gym with you is a completely different experience!

The thing is this… I just need to be lifting some weights and spending a few minutes busting my butt on an elliptical machine.

Dude, I can do that–and not feel like a moron when I’m doing it.

I remember when I first signed up for my gym, the personal trainer people offered to set me up a workout plan for free as part of my membership, and I turned them down. I’m not sure why I did this. That isn’t entirely true… I was scared of being upsold, and of looking like an idiot.

Something I have really learned about myself these past few days is that I am scared of looking stupid a lot of the time.

It’s time to get over that.

So maybe I look like a goofball trying to get the weight machine set right–at least I am lifting weights!

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