The Scariest Place on Earth…

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gymSo, I’ve tried to go to the gym before–but I felt like everyone was just staring at me. Wondering who I thought I was among all those fit people. But, today Kelli Calabrese met me and laid out a little workout plan for me. Bringing someone who knows what they’re doing to the gym with you is a completely different experience!

The thing is this… I just need to be lifting some weights and spending a few minutes busting my butt on an elliptical machine.

Dude, I can do that–and not feel like a moron when I’m doing it.

I remember when I first signed up for my gym, the personal trainer people offered to set me up a workout plan for free as part of my membership, and I turned them down. I’m not sure why I did this. That isn’t entirely true… I was scared of being upsold, and of looking like an idiot.

Something I have really learned about myself these past few days is that I am scared of looking stupid a lot of the time.

It’s time to get over that.

So maybe I look like a goofball trying to get the weight machine set right–at least I am lifting weights!

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  1. What gym are you working out at? I will meet you there and look stupid with you if you want! 🙂 It will be fun.
    .-= Shauna´s last blog ..I disappear sometimes =-.

  2. I agree. Even in High School was bad.

    My basketball coach wanted us to lift weights, so I could get bigger. I was one of the few girls in with the football teams! That’s terrifying with all that testerone! I made sure to bring another girl along so we could stick together or else I wouldn’t go! LOL!

    I always worried on how the others would view me–but now when I go work out I think hey–at least I’m doing this!

    Good for you Jamie getting over the mental fear! You can do it. Plus people there are usually super nice to newcomers and help them out with equipment and all that. You might meet some great, motivational people.
    .-= Sara Tribble´s last blog ..INTERVIEW WEDNESDAY–Billey Coffey! =-.

  3. I’m scared of looking stupid a lot of the time, too. I haven’t even APPLIED to the gym.
    .-= Jaime | Fast Times´s last blog ..*grunt* =-.

  4. The gym IS scary. I always imagine a lot of big sweaty guys with hairy shoulders rolling around. But once you get used to it, you’ll love it. I really enjoy throwing in group classes like yoga to mix it up.
    Doesn’t it feel liberating to get rid of the “But what if I look stupid” mentality?!
    .-= dualori´s last blog ..Boy with a Coin =-.