There’s A Big Meteor Shower Happening Tonight and You’ll Even Be Able to See Shooting Stars

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More amazing things to watch for in the April sky! Stargazers will be in heaven this month! We have the Super Pink Moon, The comet ATLAS, and we also have a meteor shower coming!

The Lyrid meteor shower will be the first major meteor shower since last January.

I missed that one because of the weather. I’m hoping this one will work out to be a lear night!


These meteors are best seen from the Northern Hemisphere where the radiant is high in the sky at dawn. Activity from this shower can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere, but at a lower rate.

the American Meteor Society
Todd S.

The timing couldn’t be better either! April 22nd is Earth Day! How cool to watch a meteor shower as we roll into Earth day!


The Lyrid meteor shower starts April 16th, 2020 until April 30th, 2020. April 21st and 22nd will be the peak days for us to be able to watch.


On April 21st there will be about 15 to 20 meteors per hour! This will carry on into the early morning on April 22nd. I can not wait! It is going to be beautiful! Will you be watching?


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