Teens Are Pretending To Go Missing Just To See If Their Parents Will Post About It, Police Warn

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Teens are encouraged to “go missing” for 48 hours to see how many people will share, like and comment on their missing posts on Facebook.

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen those posts on Facebook where someone’s loved one has gone missing, and often times we’ve even seen them returned through a tip from someone that saw the post.

Well, teens (who apparently forgot to read the little boy who cried wolf) have decided to take advantage of that and are now disappearing to see just how loved they are on social media.

The challenge encourages teens to go missing for up to 2 days at a time and awards points for every social media mention while they are missing,” Tippencoe County Sheriff Bob Smith said in a release.

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There’s even a points system, where kids are awarded points for Facebook comments, shares, and likes on their social media posts.

They score different things for Instagram, Snapchat, and twitter, too.

The thing is, it’s not just that it’s an awful prank to play on everyone, but it’s also tying up other resources like police, etc. that could otherwise be used in a real emergency.

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Kids aren’t understanding that this isn’t just a silly game.

They can rack up charges that could turn this into something that could follow them for the rest of their lives.

It’s basically like a really sick popularity contest.

Police are saying that as the game gains popularity, it becomes even more scary because they won’t know which kids ace actually missing and which ones are just a part of the game.

They’re encouraging parents to have all their kid’s passwords, to check up on their social media accounts, and to talk to their kids about this challenge.

Parents need to explain to their kids that this isn’t just a joke and could get them into major trouble.

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