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These Blume Baby Pop Dolls Are The Cutest Little Surprise Toys And My Kids Need Them

I have never wanted to be a kid again so much in my entire life. Would it be wrong if I totally bought these for myself?

Blume Dolls

These are Blume Baby Pop Dolls, and they are just about the cutest, teeniest babies EVER!

Courtesy of Walmart

There are so many surprises here, I don’t quite know where to start.

Courtesy of capital.cute on Instagram

First of all, you POP five blooms. At least THREE of them will be babies, but you may get costumes, snuggle buddies, or accessories.

Next, the bottom of the Bloom Planter comes off, and it’s a surprise nursery. It could be one of five designs — I want the Llama!

Courtesy of Walmart

Underneath the bed and bathtub, you will find more surprise accessories! You may get another costume, or you may get more snuggle buddies for you babies.

Inside the gift box is a shower gift. It could be, like, a bassinet, or high chair, or something else totally fun!

Courtesy of alockeoflove on Instagram

Not only do you get babies, but they can have one of six different emotions. They can be crying, smiling, sleeping, or something totally different.

THEN, you get to gender reveal each baby! You don’t know if it’s a boy or girl until you dip their diaper in water. Ha! I love it.

Seriously, I’m spazzing out over these a little more than I should be!

I’ve already gone to the Amazon website, and bought three of them (for myself)!

Perhaps I should buy some for my daughter, too. I was just so excited, I wanted to own them for myself. Ha!

You can get your’s — or one for you child — right on the Amazon website.

We’re going to have to start some kind of club! I’m dying to see what everyone pops open!

I’m all about surprise toys! You have GOT to go look at these L.O.L. Surpise! #HairGoals Dolls. They make such a great gift for that kid in your life.

Courtesy of Amazon