This Flower Has Petals That Look Exactly Like A Hummingbird and I Need To Plant Some

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By now you all must know that I LOVE plants. I mostly like to scour the markets for cactuses and succulents, however any plant will do if it’s unique enough!

Have you ever seen a plant that had petals in the shape of something else?

For example, this cactus has petals in the shape of little dolphins, how cool is that?!


Well, there’s a new plant in town that also has petals in the shape of an animal. Seriously you guys, there should be a club specifically about these plants!


Get ready to fall in love, because this flower has petals that look like Hummingbirds.

It’s called the Green Birdflower and when you take a look at it’s petals, you’ll have to do a double take because that’s how similar these petals look like Hummingbirds!


We can all thank Reddit user OctopusPrime for uploading his find of the Green Birdflower and sharing it with the rest of the world!

In just 24 hours, the picture received 48.4 thousand upvotes with more than 400 comments!

If you’re curious where you can find this unique plant, its native to inland Northern Australia and it grows in sandy places!

So the next time you and your friends book your next girls trip, be on the lookout for the Green Birdflower, and show off to your friends just how much you know about this flower; you’ll look a plant enthusiast!


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