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This Nurse Shares Why You Should Cut Your Nails Short During A Pandemic

It’s been killing me not to have my nails done ladies. I usually always have a consistent cycle of getting my dip nail color refilled every two weeks, but as of lately, my nails are wearing their birthday suit.

Personally, I like my stylist to keep the length of my nails slightly on the longer side because my nail beds are small, so when they’re short, they don’t look as nice.

And as of right now, I’m trying to style my nails myself, filing them into the square shape I like, polishing on a shiny clear coat and trying not my BEST not to pick to keep a nice length.

Although as it turns out, I may have to cut my nails after all.

An Australian nurse has stated that keeping your long nails can be the fastest way in spreading the virus around, as germs, bacteria and even the virus itself can get underneath your nails.

She recommends to cut your nails short and to try this simple test; press down on the tip of your finger, if you only feel your nail and not your skin, your nails need to be cut!

The Australian Nurse also added,

“If you can’t put your fingernails straight down against your other palm without your nails adding too much distance to do it, you cannot wash under your fingernails properly unless you use a nail brush every time.”


Plus, “it is impossible to wash your hands properly if your fingernails are long,” she added. If you can’t rub the very ends of your fingers against the other palm, then your hands aren’t truly clean after you wash them, no matter how long you soap up.


Many other users commented on the nurse’s facebook post and shared their tips of keeping up good hygiene and staying safe and healthy too.

A few commenters shared that nail polish can carry germs as well and it’s best to refrain from painting your nails at this time.

One user even said that keeping your engagement rings and weddings bands sterilized and disinfected is just as important too!

Therefore, it is critical for not just the ladies, but for the gentlemen too, to remind ourselves to keep our nails short and to disinfect our jewelry. Besides, that diamond ring of yours will look even better once it’s properly cleaned!