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Tim Burton Is Bringing ‘The Addams Family’ Back To TV And I’m So Excited!

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I love Tim Burton and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it! There isn’t a film that he has made that I haven’t watched and loved.


I am so excited to share with you all that Tim Burton is bring one of my favorites back to television! He’s teaming up with Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Both from Smallville) to bring ‘The Addams Family’ back to live-action television!

Paramount Pictures

Time Burton would be the executive producer and it seems that he may be directing most, if not all, of the episodes. This will be his first time tackling a television series!


We’re not sure where this new version of ‘The Addams Family’ will show up right now. MGM is currently looking at offers from Netflix as well as other streaming services!

Back in 2010, Tim Burton started to develop a stop-motion animated Addams Family movie. He had planned to make it similar to ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘, I wish that had happened because I know it would have been amazing!

I am looking forward to finding out who is planning to cast as these iconic characters! Knowing him, it will be absolute perfection!


This is right up his alley and his style will rule on this! What do you think, are you excited about this?


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