This Restaurant Banned All Kids Under 5 For Being Brats

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This restaurant has had enough of your uncontrollable toddlers, and they aren’t going to take it!

no kids in restaurants

On the one hand, who hasn’t been five feet from crying kiddos at a restaurant and wished more than anything that they would just go away. But on the OTHER hand, I am torn– because they are kids, and kids gotta eat, right?

Either way, this restaurant owner, Marco Magliozzi, isn’t letting your kid in under the age of five because they are “little uncontrollable terrors.” according to the Telegraph. He posted signs at the door saying that children are barred until they grow old enough to have better manners.

Italian law makers are still trying to figure out rather or not it’s illegal, but in the meantime, I am sure all the people turned away could take their little ones to enjoy an R rated movie or two.


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