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Twinkies Released Tiger Tails Twinkies That Are Filled With Orange Creme

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Holy moly! This sounds amazing! I’m not even a huge Twinkie fan, but how fun does this sound? The new Tiger Tails Twinkie are perfect for your jungle loving kids!


Hostess is always coming out with new goodies! Like the new Donettes Caramel Chocolate Mini Donuts! Have you tried those?


So these are not the original Tiger Tails. The original Tiger Tails from Hostess had a raspberry topping with coconut creme filling. I never got to try them. Twinkies wanted to go more “tigerish” with the Tiger Tails Twinkies, so they changed it up.


The new Tiger Tails Twinkies have the classic golden sponge cake that the original Twinkies have and are filled with an orange creme filling. Each of them is individually wrapped, and the wrapping is tiger-striped!

I guess the orange creme is not flavored orange though, so that is a little disappointing. I was hoping it was. So my guess is that this tastes just like a regular old school Twinkie with a brand new look.


They are exclusive to Walmart! So if you want to pick some up for your family you can find them there starting on July 21st.

Each box has 10 of the Tiger Tails individually wrapped Twinkies and will cost you around $2.86 depending on your location.


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