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There’s A New Awful TikTok Trend and This Time It Involves Slapping Teachers

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Every time I see one of these stupid TikTok trends, I can’t help but think about how I’d react if I ever caught my kids being involved in one…

As you know, TikTok has been a source for teens to come up with downright dangerous and dumb “trends” that tend to take off on the platform faster than TikTok can take the videos down.

Most recently there was the “Devious Lick Challenge” that involved kids removing school property to show off in TikTok videos.

Now this new challenge, involves physical harm or sexual assault (depending on how you see it) to teachers.

Next on the list that is going around, is the “Smack a staff member on the backside” challenge.

Now that October has arrived, every parent and school official needs to be aware of this challenge.

Honestly, parents should talk to kids about how bad this challenge is and that they could be facing far more serious charges: assault and/or sexual assault.

Teachers are trying to spread the word to let parents and other educators know what these challenges are and how to handle them.

Sarah French

Nonetheless, kids should know better. I truly wish kids would do fun and helpful challenges rather than ones that would cause harm or damage.

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