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Trader Joe’s Has Blue Corn Taco Shells To Take Taco Tuesday To The Next Level

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I’m going to clear something up right now, in this house… tacos are NOT limited to Tuesdays, taco time is anytime!

I prefer crunchy shells for my tacos, while my husband prefers soft tacos.

When I saw that Trader Joe’s was selling new blue corn taco shops I knew that we needed to try them.

?NEW? ORGANIC STONE GROUND BLUE CORN TACO SHELLS • $2.49• Let’s taco bout how excited I am for these! Pair these with your favorite protein and season with Trader Joe’s taco spice and be prepared to be in taco bliss! Will you be adding these to your Trader Joe’s List?

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I had no idea that there were some health benefits that came with eating blue corn.

Blue corn gets its blue color from naturally occurring anthocyanin, and the foods that contain it are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is so good to know because I am supposed to avoid inflammatory foods as much as possible.

I also read that anthocyanin is an anti-viral, has anti-cancer-causing agents, and could help with heart function as well as high blood pressure. 

The Trader Joe’s New Blue Corn Taco Shells are organic, stone-ground, and gluten-free as well, so much winning with these right?

Stoneground cornmeal is supposed to be more flavorful than regular cornmeal, this is because it has some of the hull and germ intact still.

That is also why they are more coarse in texture too.

I think the kids would be thrilled to have some blue tacos, we’ll have to go pick some up from Trader Joe’s!

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