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You Can Get Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Delivered Right To Your Door And Mine Is On The Way

You can get Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter delivered right to your front door, and I’m a little giddy right now.


I love me some Trader Joe’s. OMG — have you tried their Everything Bagel seasoning? GAH!!

They also have little succulents just about every time I get to visit Trader Joe’s — which really isn’t all that often — and I have to pick up at least one every time!!


I got a jar of it for my husband’s stocking last Christmas, and he said it was, hands down, his favorite gift of the year.

If you haven’t tried this absurdly good concoction, let me just tell you a little about it.

So, Cookie Butter is a little like peanut butter. It comes in a jar, and is spreadable.

This crazy good spread tastes a little bit like gingerbread, and it is made with crushed up biscuits — like cookies.

Duh. Hence the name.

All you have to do is taste it to understand!

Cookie Butter Packaging

They have a few recommendations for us — and ALL of them are bomb!!

You can spread the Cookie Butter on pancakes or waffles, make peanut butter and cookie sandwiches, serve it on ice cream, or have it with pretzels or celery.

We also dip apple slices — or let’s be honest, any fruit really — into the Cookie Butter to take our snacks to the next level.

Heck, my husband just grabs a spoon and the jar, and digs right in. He even sometimes foregos the spoon. (Gross, I know!)

What would YOU use it for?? I will always welcome new ideas on how to eat this magical Cookie Butter.

You can get a double package of this AMAZING Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter right on the Amazon website.


It will run you less than $21 for both containers. If you are like me, and live more than an hour away from a Trader Joe’s, this is a GREAT way to get your Cookie Butter fix.

And, I’ll tell you a little secret. You can get a WHOLE bunch of Trader Joe’s items on the Amazon website.

They even have the famous Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. OMG! We use it on everything from eggs to vegetables. It is so insanely good!!