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Trader Joe’s Has Cookie Butter Beer And I’m Obsessed

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I don’t typically like beer. Well, that’s not entirely true. Is hard cider a beer? Because I can drink the heck out of some tasty adult cider!

You know what kind of beer rocks my socks off? I’ll share this yummy secret with you, but you better save me some!


On your next list of MUST HAVES, you need to add this Cookie Butter Beer from Trader Joe’s. OMG.


I can have a bottle of this drank up before you can say, “Hold my beer.” It goes down so yummy smooth — almost TOO yummy smooth. *Wink*


It is $6.99 a bottle, but just like any specialty beer, it is SO WORTH IT.

If you say, “That’s too pricey,” I’ll just go ahead and take yours. Ha!


Now, it’s no secret, I am a fan of the Trader Joe’s stores. I mean, I have to drive over an hour to get to my closest one, but I will make the trek, if only for their awesome selection of plants — my favorites are always the succulents!

But, you BEST BELIEVE I will make the drive up to my local Trader Joe’s, not ONLY for the plants this time, but also to stock up on some of this delish Cookie Butter Beer!!


People are calling it a sweet dessert type beer — but I’ll go ahead and take it any old time! It’s THAT good.


Run, do not walk — but, please obey all the traffic laws! — to your nearest Trader Joe’s, and get yourself a case or 6 of this yummy cookie brew! You will not regret it, my friend — and save a glass for me!!


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