Trump’s Tweets Are Proof He’s Too Unstable To Lead For The Next 14 Days. Change My Mind.

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Trump’s tweets as we watch rioters storm the capitol truly prove that he is unfit to lead our country until Biden is sworn in as President on January 20.

Twitter has taken the completely necessary precautions and turned off any way to communicate or spread what he has to say, because he is inciting violence against the American government.

Sure he TELLS people to go home, but in the same statement he tells them that the election was stolen.

He wants a fight and this is disgusting.

How. How is this okay?

Get this guy out of office. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I’d rather have Pence.

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  1. How do you get “unstable” from those tweets?
    No one will ever change your mind because you’ve made it up long ago.

  2. Well, the media has been allowed to spew out lies regarding Trump and lots of topics actually, but yet that option is supposed to be okay? Double standards aren’t good and everyone seems to ignore that when they are agreeable to the information and it fits their personal narrative. The media only chooses to portray certain things, they choose to put out their own agenda, and they choose to spread negativity for nothing more than a “good” story and to create division. It shouldn’t be allowed to speak horribly about the President of the United States period in the media, yet everyone seems to think it is okay. But not every president or politician. Nothing negative is allowed to be portrayed about anyone that is a Democratic. Double standards are so interesting.

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