Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

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  • Dammit. I am so into True Blood right now that I was wondering who at the restaurant was vampire! #
  • Is True Blood a copy of Twilight, or is Twilight the True Blood copy? #
  • Just starting the True Blood Series… already I am way freaked out! #
  • ohhhh @LaurenBarnholdt has a cute website, too! #
  • I <3 @mandyhubbard 's author website! #
  • Why is it that @burbmom says she never cooks, but I see her making all these awesome recepies? HMMMM??? #
  • #followfriday @DeidreKnight @rhondastapleton @bostonbookgirl @assassingirl and guess which one accidentally left the country for a bit! #
  • What the heck is going on with Twitter today? #
  • I did it people… I got up AND went to the gym–now, shower me with praise. Cause I'm a puppy like that. #
  • How was I already following @paiderailstone sigh you nerdfighters and your @realjohngreen #
  • RT @literaticat Come to Verla Kay chat and visit and ask questions. NOW!… #
  • oh look… skirt fail… #
  • Dear full requests from partials… you TOTALLY make my day. 🙂 #
  • Are you guys following @rhondastapleton? She's the next big YA author people! #
  • I think I am about to sew… I found a cute pattern that looks easy DAMN you ETSY! #
  • Uglies by @scottwesterfeld for FREE! I just read it–it's fantabulous! #
  • I just saw the craziest way EVER to get a literary agent's attention #
  • At the salon there's a string quartet playing queen. WTF. #
  • My facorite response from an agent about submission guidelines: Not on anything pink HAHA! #
  • I don't like the social media term connect-It makes people sound like douchebags. #
  • Today, I went to the scariest place on earth #
  • I need a tasty treat… #
  • Hey, go say wonderful things about my facebook house listing! #
  • First lines of my latest WIP: Lauren Leopold only had three more days to find her true love. She was so screwed. #
  • You know what show I like? Dragon Tales. #
  • Huh, I'm kinda sleepy–guess I'll turn in. Well, that's perfectly boring. #
  • Wanna see what my book looks like printed out? #
  • RT @BostonBookGirl: As promised: sneak peak of Marjorie Kemper's BETWEEN THE DEVIL & MISSISSIPPI This novel's beautiful! #
  • I LOVE this bag! #
  • My daughter has a ruler, and she just informed me that her feet are four pounds 🙂 #
  • When I send a hard copy of my manuscript should it be in Times New Roman, or Courier New? #
  • I don't normally do this, but you should vote for this blog it's the funniest on the net @2birds1blog makes me laugh #
  • Hmmm yet another problem with my Sony vail. Next time I'm buying a mac. #
  • Is there anything better than sitting across from your hubby in the coffee shop with your laptops in front of you? 🙂 #
  • The most impossible Twitter follower number I've tried to break is hands down 3k. #
  • Need to write someone & tell them how much you hate them? #
  • It's almost 6am, but I've edited 86 pages today #wordathon g'night! #
  • Need to write someone and tell them how much you hate them? Here's your chance! #
  • oh or these!! I bet @jodimeadows could TOTALLY make these! #
  • If I knew how to crochet, I would SO make this… #
  • #FlowerMoundTweetup! Aug 6, 6-9P, in *HighlandVillage* Info: / RSVP: #

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